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YJBM's June 2023 Issue Focuses on Climate Change and Environmental Health

July 03, 2023

Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine’s (YJBM) June 2023 issue on Climate Change and Environmental Health has been published on PubMed Central. This focus issue features articles on climate change and the emergent ways it is affecting health across the globe.

Highlights of the issue include a perspectives piece by Cianconi et al. on Eco-emotions and Psychoterratic Syndromes: Reshaping Mental Health Assessment Under Climate Change about the toll that climate change has had on mental health and suggestions of new terminology for clinicians.

Another perspectives piece by Jee et al., out of Rochester, NY, Climate Change Imperils Pediatric Health: Child Advocacy Through Fossil Fuel Divestment, explores the duty of pediatric clinicians to their patients by advocating for the divestment of fossil fuels.

Last, we present a piece by Korolenko et al. from researchers at Washington State University on Epigenetic Inheritance and Transgenerational Environmental Justice, about the possibility of environmental justice when exposure to toxicants in the environment causes epigenetic changes that can be passed on to future generations.

Read the entire YJBM archive for free on PubMed Central. The YJBM is open-access for all.

Deputy Editors of this issue: Maham Ahmad (MD Program 2023, Yale School of Medicine) and Ted Leung (Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Yale University)

Submitted by Abigail Roth on July 03, 2023