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Capital Giving

Yale School of Medicine has thrived, in part, through the visionary generosity of its alumni and friends who have established endowment funds or current-use resource funds that serve specific needs. In addition to funding the School’s educational, clinical and research missions, such capital funds often provide tax benefits to the donor, plus a great sense of philanthropic satisfaction.

Donors who choose to make capital gifts can direct their support toward a specific purpose that matches their personal interests with the needs and priorities of the School. Such purposes include facilities, scholarships, professorships, and research. Capital gifts fall into the following categories:

Endowment Gifts

Gifts toward endowment are invested by the University, and the income from the gift is directed toward a purpose selected by the donor. Only the income from the principal is expended in accordance with the University’s spending rule, so that the gift continues in perpetuity, helping to safeguard Yale’s tradition of excellence against changing economic climates. Endowment opportunities include scholarships, professorships, and funds to support the School’s educational initiatives. Please click here for more information on gifts to endowed funds.

Restricted current use gifts

Restricted current use funds are directed toward a purpose designated by the donor, such as the creation of term financial aid funds. The principal of a current use gift is depleted over a specified term.

Planned gifts

Planned gifts provide an opportunity for donors to structure long-term deferred gifts in ways that are beneficial both to the donor and to Yale. For more information, see Planned Giving and Bequests.

For personalized assistance with your gift, please contact Michael Fitzsousa at or 203.436.8556.