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Founders Pledge

at Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Public Health

Imagine. Think big. Make your mark. Fuel health innovation.

You already think big.
Join our community of entrepreneurs and make your mark even bigger.

You’re interested in impact that’s transformational—not just in your business ventures, but in medical and health outcomes on a global scale.

Set an intention now for your future philanthropy.

Founders Pledge at Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Public Health empowers you to make plans to amplify your success once your venture has grown and performed. Our community of entrepreneurial members makes a pledge when their ventures are in the early stages, to express their intention to make a future gift to Yale.

A pledge is simple.

Becoming a member reflects your (nonbinding) pledge to support Yale School of Medicine or Yale School of Public Health. This is a statement of intent to make a gift once your company succeeds, at which time you’ll have the flexibility to decide which of our initiatives best reflect your values and interests.

Become a member of our inaugural cohort.

Join other like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference and driving meaningful change. Your membership in our Founders Pledge group will connect you to:

  • A global network of highly motivated entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Enhanced visibility, via our Meet the Members page and other Yale communication platforms.
  • Opportunities to learn from and engage with Yale’s world-class leaders and faculty.
  • A philanthropic community of individuals who are similarly committed to giving back to Yale to transform the future of medicine and health.