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Wilhelmina C. Korevaar, MD ‘77, AYAM YAA Delegate update

January 25, 2024

As a Delegate to the Yale Alumni Association (YAA) from AYAM, I attended the YAA Assembly & Yale Alumni Fund Convocation held in New Haven November 16 and 17, 2023. With the Mission Statement of Yale School of Medicine in mind, I mingled, met, and networked with members of the YAA from around the world. Each person I met left me with an uplifting memory of service and hope. The theme this year was the “Creative Economy.” Before the big in-person event, attendees were invited to a series of hosted ZOOM presentations intended to serve as introduction. While at the Assembly, I attended talks, presentations and round tables. I came away with a library card (available to any alumnus through Sterling Library) and a question. How can I do the “next best thing” to guide my students to develop and own one special competency in medicine?

Wilhelmina C. Korevaar, MD ‘77
AYAM YAA Delegate

Submitted by Tiffany Penn on January 26, 2024