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Martin E. Gordon, M.D. ’46 publishes ebook on use of plants in medicine

October 24, 2019

Martin E. Gordon, M.D. ’46 is a renowned gastroenterologist and expert in travel medicine. He served as clinical professor in gastroenterologist and emeritus chairman and lifetime trustee, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. During his medical career, he diagnose patients with mysterious gastrointestinal symptoms, and he provided fellow physicians with guides to diagnoses and cures via educational materials, lectures and exhibits. He has authored many scientific publications—which focus on clinical solutions for the benefit of medical students, practitioners, and patients—and has received awards for his films and other efforts.

“Plants R Cures” explores the intersection of plants and medicine—now and in the past—while also offering a practical guide to the use of herbs to treat a large variety of ailments, from small to catastrophic. Dr Gordon tells us which plants promote good health and which ones you will be wise to avoid. The book also features anecdotal patient cases from his storied practice and world travels. With an almanac-style format and an abundance of graphics, this engaging book is designed to speak to laypeople and academics alike.

Submitted by Tiffany Penn on October 24, 2019