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Outreach and Engagement Core

Through communication with the general public, healthcare professionals and service providers, the Outreach, Recruitment and Engagement Core (ORE) assists the Clinical Core with the recruitment of a clinical population. This Core facilitates the recruitment of not only symptomatic patients, but also asymptomatic family members. This Core will offer ongoing programs to all people enrolled in the ADRC cohort.

Educational services are provided to the public through a long-standing collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association, Connecticut Chapter. A key role is to remove barriers to minority research participation and to extend education programs to a racially and ethnically diverse audience.

For more information on programs offered by the ADRC, please call 203-785-5526.

ADRC Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The newly formed ADRC Community Advisory Board (CAB) had its first meeting in early November 2021. CAB members bring a range of personal and professional experiences to the ADRC. The CAB will offer expertise and advice regarding recruitment strategies, community contacts, and relevance of materials. We look forward to their contributions to helping us better understand community concerns and needs as we continue to optimize education, outreach, and recruitment efforts.

The ADRC Community Advisory Board (CAB) members include:

John Blanton, MD

Elisamuel Colon

William Davis

Joanne Lewis, PhD

Francisco Rosario-Ortiz, PhD

Maise Russell

Linda Smith

Outreach and Engagement Core Leadership

The Outreach and Engagement Core is led by Dr. Richard Marottoli, MD, MPH