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Current Research Scholars

These awards are aimed at junior faculty within the first five years of their appointment. Exceptions are possible for mid-level faculty entering the field of dementia research.

Award Year 5/01/2022 - 4/30/2023

  • Yifei Cai, PhD: "Molecular mechansms of axonal pathology in Alzheimer's disease human neurons"
  • Sathish Ramakrishnan, PhD: "Mechanism of exocytosis protein in Alzheimer's disease"
  • Dibyadeep Data: "Interrogating the molecular mechanisms mediating the emergence of biomarker pT217-tau in AD"

Award Year 5/01/2021 - 4/30/2022

  • Eyiyemisi Damisah, MD: "Investigating statistical learning in the Dementias"
  • Hongying Shen, PhD: "Expanding Neurometabolic Biochemistry Underlying Alzheimer's disease"
  • Takuya Toyonaga, MD, PhD: "Whole brain in vivo characterization of synaptic density in Alzheimer's disease model rat with different rearing environments"
  • Le Zhang, PhD: "Sex-Specific Single Cell Expression Profiles and Genetic Risk in Alzheimer's disease"
  • Yize Zhao, PhD: "Connectome coupling and genetic underpinning in the Supernormal"