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Intracellular recordings from cortical neurons in vivo reveal four distinct electrophysiological cell groups

Intracellular recording in vivo revealed four distinct electrophysiological groups. A. Chattering neurons generated repetitive high frequency (400-800 Hz) burst discharges at 20-70 Hz in response to the intracellular injection of a depolarizing current pulse. In contrast to this pattern of activity, regular spiking neurons generated trains of single action potentials that exhibited spike frequency adaptation (B), intrinsic burst generating neurons generated low frequency burst firing (C) followed by single spike activity, and fast spiking neurons generated high frequency trains of action potentials without spike frequency adaptation (D).

From Gray, C.M. and McCormick, D.A. Chattering cells: superficial pyramidal neurons contributing to the generation of synchronous oscillations in the visual cortex. Science 274: 109-113.

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