Dana Small PhD Clin, MSc

Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Psychology; Associate Fellow, The John B Pierce Laboratory

Biographical Info

Education & Training

McGill University (1998)
Ph.D. Clin
McGill University (2001)

Honors & Recognition

  • Firmenich Young Investigator Award for Research in Fragrance and Flavors,
    Firmenich (2007)
  • Invitee 18th Annual Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium for Young Investigators
    National Academy of Sciences (2006)
  • Moskowitz-Jacobs Award for Research Excellence in the Psychophysics of Taste and Smell
    The Association for Chemoreception Sciences (2005)
  • Ajinomoto Young Investigator Award for Research in Gustation
    The Association for Chemoreception Sciences (2003)
  • Elected member of the International Neuropsychological Symposium
    International Neuropsychological Symposium (06/2002)

Professional Service

  • Reviewer, NIH/NIMH Special Panel Study Section (2007)
  • Reviewer, National Science Foundation (2002)
  • Reviewer, NIH Cognition and Perception Study Section (12/2004 - 12/2004)
  • Reviewer, The Obesity Society (06/2009)
  • Secretary, The Association for Chemoreception Sciences (06/2008)
  • Contributing Editor, European Journal of Neuroscience (06/2008)
  • Executive Editor, Chemosensory Perception (02/2007)
  • Reviewing Editor, Frontiers in Neuroscience (01/01/2009)

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