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Informatic Degree Programs

Yale School of Medicine

Master of Health Science (MHS) with a "Clinical Informatics" Focus for Postdoctoral Fellows

Yale School of Medicine now offers a Master of Health Science (MHS) degree with a clinical informatics focus. This degree is designed for postdoctoral informatics fellows who are clinicians. Fellows enrolled for this degree will complete an MHS research project and will also take a variety of courses focused on clinical/ translational research, medical informatics, and related courses and seminars. The specific courses taken by each fellow can be tailored to that individual's background, interests, and career plans. Prof. Shiffman serves as Track Director with Prof. Melnick as Co-Director. The MHS degree is designed to be completed in 2 years.

Coursework required of MHS students in the Clinical Informatics Track is outlined in Table B.

MHS Clinical Informatics Track Curriculum

CBB 740

Clinical and Translational Informatics

CBB 750

Core Topics in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science

CBB 752

Bioinformatics: Practical Application of Simulation and Data Mining

IMED 630

Ethical and Practical Issues in Clinical Investigation or MBB 601b

IMED 625

Principles of Clinical Research

IMED 645

Introduction to Biostatistics

IMED 665

Writing Your First Grant (Strongly recommended)

Electives (2) courses in consultation with their research advisor, the Pathway Director, and the MHS Degree Advisory Committee that reflects their background and career goals.

Biomedical Informatics Teaching Seminar – bi-weekly

In addition to completing this coursework, the MHS/Clinical Informatics Track student completes and defends a Masters research project focused on some aspect of clinical informatics (see below). A required product of the program is a Master’s thesis averaging 40-80 pages of text.

Yale School of Public Health Masters of Science in Health Informatics

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