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About Us

The Yale Center for Genomic Health is a center of excellence in human genomics, genetics, data science, and precision medicine. We are a diverse group of researchers bridging the Yale School of Medicine, the Yale New Haven Hospital and the broader Yale Health System. Our overall mission is to tackle the most pressing challenge in the field: how to translate increasingly powerful genomic technologies and increasingly vast data resources into meaningful improvements in healthcare, in a manner that equitably benefits people of all ancestry groups and ethnicities.

YCGH members lead efforts to develop and apply new technologies in genome sequencing, electronic health record integration, and artificial intelligence. We pursue cross-disciplinary, collaborative studies focused on gene discovery, disease mechanism, risk prediction, and health outcomes across a wide spectrum of health conditions and life stages. We play leading roles in large consortia such as the Human Pangenome Project, Human Cell Atlas, Centers for Common Disease Genomics, Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium, Million Veterans Program, and Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, among others. We are committed to reducing health disparities through the inclusion of diverse ancestry groups in our studies and through the development of unbiased computational methods.

Our Values

We aim to tackle scientific questions that benefit humanity. We believe that outstanding science is driven by curiosity, respect, mentorship, and diversity. We strive to create an inclusive community of faculty, staff, and students whose voices and contributions are valued and respected, and who better represent the communities we serve.