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Craving, Reward Learning and Decision Making in Addiction


Addictive Behaviors | Mental Health & Behavioral Research

Phase Pilot

What is the purpose of this trial?

This behavioral and fMRI study is designed to determine the influence of craving on risk perception and risky behavior. We will assess risk preferences using an economic gambling task, where participants decide between simulated gambles of different amount. Further, we want to examine conscious knowledge of risk, specifically risk for oneself and others, and will be asking participants to rate the riskiness of gambles in the economic gambling task. One of the defining features of addiction is craving, and individuals with addiction are often in a state of craving which may influence both their risk perception and riskiness of decisions. Therefore, we will experimentally induce a state of craving. Drug using participants will complete the economic decision making task, as well as a reward learning task, in both the craving and non-craving states to determine how the craving state contributes to their risk-taking behavior and perception of risk.

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