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Carlos J. Hurtado Muñoz

2022 YSERE Intern

Carlos Hurtado Muñoz is a Senior Biomedical Engineering Pre Medical student at the University of Connecticut. He was raised in Buenaventura, Colombia and discovered his passion for science early on while being exposed to the healthcare field. He is interested in social justice in medicine and the intersections between race and healthcare. At UConn he has volunteered with the undergraduate chapter of the Latino Medical Student Association to help Hispanic/LatinX students that share his background navigate the process of applying to medical school.

As a Biomedical engineering student, Carlos has worked with medical devices and the processing of bio-signals. He has been a part of several research programs, including the Health Research Program at UConn and the Biomedical Engineering in Simulations, Imaging, and Modeling (BME-SIM) REU Site at East Carolina University, which helped him discover his interest in areas such as cardiovascular research, cancer research, tissue engineering and wound healing projects.

Carlos’s expected graduation date is May 2023, and he hopes to become a physician scientist practicing engineering and medicine.

About my YCCI Internship

At the Horsley lab I had the best experience in a research lab that I have ever had. I believe the support of my mentor was crucial; I felt like I was able to fulfill all the tasks that were assigned to me which helped once again ignite my passion for this field. The experience of being at Yale, along some of the most brilliant scientists in the world was priceless. I gained the confidence to do research anywhere else and met great professionals along the way.

For Students Considering YCCI

This program was by far the best experience in research that I had. Please consider applying as you would gain crucial insight into research and academia to evaluate if this path is right for you. The support of everyone in the program allowed me to confirm that this is what I truly enjoy doing and that this is the career path for me.