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Kishan Sivakumar

2022 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Kishan Sivakumar is currently a junior at Lebanon Trail High School in Plano Texas, studying Computer Science (through Computer Science 3 Advanced) and medicine (through various extracurricular programs and internships). He has aspirations in the medical field through research and public health with the use of Bioinformatics, as he has experience in Python, Java, XML, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Kishan had experience using Machine Learning algorithms to create a functional Android Application for medical diagnosis at the University of Texas at Dallas. Kishan is creating a website for a Ugandan-based organization and researching specific strains of cancer to formulate a developed and complex public health project. Currently, Kishan is delving deeper into Biosynthetic research through a Stanford iGEM featuring the Yale iGEM program. In his free time, he loves to play basketball and soccer!

About my YCCI Internship

“The experience I have gained from YCCI has been instrumental and pivotal in my medical passions for the future. Being at a young age, the fact that I got the opportunity to listen to and interact with the leaders at the forefront of the field of clinical science has completely changed my perspective and understanding of the broad field. Ultimately, the collaboration I was able to build with other motivated individuals in my YCCI Cohort has truly inspired me even further.”

For Students Considering YCCI

“For those considering being a part of the YCCI internship: this program is truly pivotal and can completely change your standpoint in the medical field, as this opportunity gives you exposure to the sophisticated side of the medical field like no other. Not many internships allow interaction with individuals involved in professional medicine, collaboration to create a complex and developed project with other interns, and extra activities like journal club all in one opportunity.”