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Brian Caballo

2022 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Brian Caballo is a freshman at the University of Michigan, where he is interested in biomedical engineering, computer science, and healthcare. With obtained experience interning at a lab, a medtech startup, and a few scientific institutions, he has enjoyed obtaining a robust understanding of the sciences and how they can be harnessed to impact our world. He hopes to continue exploring the intersections of medicine and technology, especially when it comes to contributions to meaningful research.

About my YCCI Internship

From my YCCI internship experience, I feel that I have learned about medicine and clinical trials in an all-encompassing, perspective-broadening way. The great amount of relevant and insightful information that I've noted, ranging from extremely interesting scientific topics in research to personal stories about unorthodox career trajectories, has instilled in me only a stronger fervor to seek out the areas I'm interested in. Working alongside such bright peers has been a definite highlight of the past summer, and our work to improve Yale's Epic MyChart Portal has certainly been an exciting time with the prospect of meaningful advancements. I can't wait to see the continued success of my peers in the future!

For Students Considering YCCI

Even if you are slightly interested in any of the content you think YCCI has to offer, definitely apply. The fields of clinical trials and translational research are so wide and interdisciplinary that people of all backgrounds and interests can certainly find their place. Take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity, and make sure to showcase what you are passionate about in your application!