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Mitchelle Abuna

2021 YCCI Intern

Mitchelle Abuna, ScM, is an early career mixed-methods researcher with a diverse background in epidemiology, sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention, care, and treatment. Mitchelle received her Master of Science in Global Public Health degree from Brown University in 2021. During her time at Brown, Mitchelle developed as a public health scholar and professional and further deepened her commitment and passion for a career in health research. To date, her primary area of interest is in the intersections of health equity, sexual and reproductive health, and prevention and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases in marginalized populations. Mitchelle has utilized mixed-methods research to address these issues, and over the past two years has cultivated opportunities to develop her research skills – including qualitative methods, quantitative survey analysis, and community engaged methods. Mitchelle joined Yale University in May 2021 and is currently a clinical research intern at the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI).

About my YCCI Internship

“My internship with YCCI has given me the opportunity to work closely with the Cultural Ambassadors program, an initiative that increases community participation in clinical research by directly connecting clinical investigators and researchers to community organizations and resources. My experience has aligned with my interests in utilizing community engagement to address health disparities that affect underserved populations. During my time at YCCI, I have received invaluable mentorship from senior leadership and been exposed to different stages of the clinical research process. This has allowed me to expand my perspective and gain more knowledge on clinical research.”

For Students Considering YCCI

“Regardless of whether you are decided on attending graduate or medical school, or pursuing a career in healthcare or research, the YCCI Clinical Research Internship Program is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in translational and clinical research. You will work closely with Yale’s influential faculty, administrators, and staff and participate in different aspects of research while simultaneously gaining the skills, and tools needed to succeed in the above-mentioned career paths.”