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Latoya Howard

2008 and 2009 Summer YCCI Intern

LaToya joined YCCI as a summer intern during her junior and senior years as an undergrad at the University of Georgia. After graduation, she decided to stay at YCCI, changing her career to focus on clinical research. She assumed increased responsibilities that include supervising the administrative aspects of the scientific review committees under the auspices of YCCI and the Yale Cancer Center along with coordinating YCCI’s training programs for research staff. Howard has spent the several years providing administrative support for these programs. As she became more knowledgeable about the challenges inherent in quality assurance for clinical research as well as ways to assist investigators and research staff in meeting those challenges, she was promoted to a leadership position within the Quality Assurance Unit, before leaving the YCCI to join the Yale Human Research Protection Program, a as Senior Regulatory Analyst. LaToya is now a Clinical Trial Manager 2 at Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

About my YCCI Internship

“The YCCI internship experience was instrumental in my career and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.”