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Ayan Ansari

2021 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Ayan Ansari is a student at Brashier Middle College in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Despite just starting high school and his young age, Ayan has been able to pursue research and professional development opportunities. In the past, he has worked on an initiative called Solenoid Stimulations, which has weekly articles covering topics such as medtech and flight dynamics, as well as how to create web programmed education-based sites. He has also worked on entrepreneurial projects including having created a shop called LazyCowGoods and LazyCowUSA to sell sustainable clothing such as faux leather jackets, and labor-friendly necklaces and earrings. Ayan is interested in learning artificial intelligence research and industry work in the domains of healthcare, transportation, and specialized chat applications and studying at one of the top medical clinics to help prepare for his early academic career in health.

About My YCCI Internship

I applied to this prodigious program to help achieve my goals of learning more about clinical trials related to medicine, frontline drug discoveries, supply chain of certain drugs in clinics and helping patients with heart failure or heart disease. This program benefits oneself in many ways, such as learning how to communicate formally with other students and professors, getting to work on projects that help benefit many communities, and preparing oneself for their early academic career in health. Yale Center for Clinical Investigation gave me the opportunity to receive guidance from multiple clinical researchers and professors at Yale, while also driving me to do my own research and studies in the health field.

For Students Considering YCCI

I recommend that prospective and incoming interns find ways to automate surveys and small tasks to offset more time to dedicate towards analyzing results and conducting further research if necessary. My experience has prepared me to delve deeper, always asking questions and creating solutions to make people's lives easier and healthier.