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Brandon Kumpf

2021 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Brandon Kumpf is a sophomore at The Hopkins School in New Haven, Connecticut. He is interested in many different medical specialties, from psychology to dermatology. He has received merit awards for his performance on both the National Spanish Exam and the National Latin Exam. Although he is broadly interested in the medical field, Brandon has a large interest in the connection between medical informatics and IT tools used in the clinical setting and how they may drive innovations in future treatments. Brandon also has a large interest in data analyzation and how it can be used to drive diagnoses and treatments for different conditions.

About My YCCI Internship

My internship at YCCI was something that I never could have imagined. There were some incredible presenters, from Dr. Paul Taheri to President Marna Borgstrom, that gave insight into their work lives and suggestions on where interns can go next. I also got to contribute to projects that hopefully will become something much bigger, teaching years of students to come about clinical trials. This experience was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that gave me many connections and skills to help me pursue my career in the future.

For Students Considering YCCI

No matter what you think you want to go into in life, the YCCI internship may open your eyes to paths that you had never originally thought of. The experience is so engaging and the presenters are so talented at what they do. If you are even just considering applying to an internship at YCCI, I would strongly suggest following through. My experience here was something I will never forget.