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Jake Boston

2021 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Jake Boston is a junior at Hercules High School in the Bay Area as well as a part-time student at Contra Costa College. Through his local community college's dual enrollment program, he is actively working towards his associate degree in Public Health Science. Some accomplishments include leading a successful volunteer campaign at his school as well as establishing a Japanese club for students to engage in new cultures. Jake is also a varsity cross country and track runner, with the position of team captain in both sports. An area of medicine that he wishes to research is lymphatic malformations, with hopes that he can advance the treatment options available.

About My YCCI Internship

Thanks to YCCI and the Cultural Ambassadors, I came out of this internship with a massive amount of knowledge on clinical research and the health care system. Being given the opportunity to engage with so many professionals at Yale has inspired me to pursue the medical field. Some of my most memorable experiences were bonding with the other interns and working directly with the YCCI staff on our research projects.

For Students Considering YCCI

Go for it! The program is an amazing way to introduce yourself to research and medicine, with the advantage of it being run by professionals at Yale themselves. While the program may seem intimidating at first, the projects you do and the people you meet are incredible, and the supportive environment of the internship will make you feel a part of the YCCI community.