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Victoria Garcia

2021 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Victoria I. Garcia is a Biology Pre-medicine student at The University of Tampa, with the pursuit of becoming a physician in the future. She became a 2021 summer intern at YCCI as she began her senior year. Last summer, Victoria was given the opportunity to be a Research Assistant at the Puerto Rico Medical Research Center which coupled with being a part of the YCCI Internship Pilot Program broadened her understanding of clinical research. Currently, she is working with an associate professor at UT investigating positive selection of the Hendra Virus and she is involved in various community service organizations University of Tampa like MEDLIFE.

About my YCCI Internship

During this internship, the interns were given the opportunity to meet extraordinary leaders and remarkable physicians who focused their attention in introducing and educating us on information corresponding to medical informatics, the importance of privacy and HIPAA, what EHR is, the importance of clinical decision report, an overview of the human research protection, different research study designs and focused information about clinical research and investigation and its impact in society and the growing science. Additionally, I was able to build a project with a group of chosen students that involved generating an idea on how to take the importance of research and clinical trials from its complex concept into an easier form in which children and adolescents could understand and be educated about. Being granted the opportunity to be an intern in this program has broadened my communication skills and most importantly, educated me on the importance of research. It has unquestionably made me consider becoming a researcher in the future with the goal of becoming a principal investigator within my department of interest in medicine. In addition, it has given me the opportunity to meet students from all over the world with the same interest and involvement as me and to meet incredible leaders which inspire me to become a successful healthcare professional in the future.

For Students Considering YCCI

Any student that has an interest in becoming more involved in clinical research and forming part of the medical field, should most definitely apply for this internship. It has been the highlight of my whole summer as there was never a dull moment; all the speakers were very interactive.