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Asia V Brown

2017 YCCI Intern

Asia V. Brown is currently a nonprofit strategy consultant at Wellspring Consulting. She works on a variety of projects across the nonprofit sector including strategic planning, integration planning, financial modeling and organizational planning. Prior to working at Wellspring, Asia received her MA in Religion from the Yale Divinity School, and her MPH in Healthcare Management from the Yale School of Public Health During her Masters programs, Asia worked at the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation conducting a needs assessment across various YCCI stakeholders, and worked in collaboration with the FDA's Office of Minority Health on strategies to improve diversity in clinical trials.

About my YCCI Internship

“Working at the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation was an amazing experience, and one that was formative to my career today. I regularly met with senior leadership who mentored me throughout the process, and was invited to meetings through which I got a first-hand look at the innovation coming from Yale Medicine and the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation. I am thankful for the opportunities I had to weigh in on strategic insights, which has prepared me for the work I'm currently doing. The YCCI takes care of their interns to ensure you get the experience and exposure you desire!”<

For Students Considering YCCI

“The YCCI gives you the opportunity to understand various aspects of clinical research administration which relate to the diversity, equity and inclusion, innovation, collaboration, and access. You will have the opportunity to see how all of that comes together in new and exciting ways!”