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Prostate Cancer Survival Stories

Some men are anxious about prostate cancer screenings, a diagnosis, or the changes that occur during and after treatment.

These men are not alone. Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed male cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer death in men. But treatment options and lifestyle solutions are advancing all the time.

Here, men in Connecticut who have faced prostate cancer and regained their health and vitality share their stories, offering their strength, inspiration, and support for those facing similar health decisions and challenges.

This series was made possible by the Yale Cultural Ambassadors, who have been actively and passionately dedicated to advancing health equity, health education, diversity in clinical trials, and community engagement for over a decade.

Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories

Bishop Kenneth Monroe: Prostate Cancer Survivor "Facing Uncertainty through Faith"

It was in the year 2000 when the Rev. Dr. Kenneth Monroe, then-pastor of the Metropolitan AME Zion Church, Hartford, CT noticed the need for more frequent bathroom breaks. Moreover, he realized that it was important to tell his doctor as soon as possible. He went for a physical and a prostate cancer screening which showed that his PSA count was 12.8. His doctor referred him to an urologist who ordered a prostate biopsy. The tissue was positive for cancer.

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