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From the Lab to Your Medicine Cabinet

The Yale School of Medicine excels at scientific discovery and has a strong tradition of developing promising new treatments. Yale doctors were the first in the U.S. to use chemotherapy to treat cancer. They developed the first artificial heart pump in the country, along with the first antiviral drug and the insulin pump used in treating diabetes.

The spark for these and other medical advances began in the laboratory or as an idea a doctor had in the quest to develop more effective treatments. But they wouldn't have been possible without the thousands of volunteers who agreed to participate in clinical trials. Without these volunteers, the medicines you and your family use every day wouldn't exist.

Because of people like you, we have been able to turn years of path breaking research into medicines and treatments that benefit each one of us every single day. Medicines like your blood pressure medicine, your child's asthma inhaler, and the antidepressant your friend relies on are all available as a result of clinical trials that show they are safe and effective.

Thank you to all of those who have participated in clinical research. We're grateful to you for helping us bring new treatments to the people who need them.