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Mursal Gardezi, MD

Hospital Resident

Hometown: Union City, CA (Bay Area)

Undergrad: Brown University

Medical School: Yale School of Medicine

Hobbies: Baking, Gardening, Fishing, DIYing, Thrifting, Amateur Pickleball, Theater Enthusiast

Specialty Interests/Career Plan: I LOVE blasting kidney stones, otherwise mostly undifferentiated.

What do you look forward to about Yale Urology and New Haven?

Yale Urology is a family where everyone is looking out for each other. I’m looking forward to being challenged, learning, and thriving together. New Haven isn't just an escape from big city prices; it's a community that is easy to fall in love with. There are many gems to explore in New Haven, especially when it comes to food!

What would you be doing if not urology? Marine biologist

Random fact: My brother and I once auditioned a dance routine for the elementary school talent show. We were rejected.