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Grand Rounds 2019

September 20, 2019: Anne Cameron, MD, FRCSC, FPMRS- How to Create and Deliver a Stellar Scientific Presentation

July 26, 2019: Alex Darwish, Walter Hsiang, Bryan Kaps, MS-IV- Sub-Intern Presentations

June 7, 2019: Oriyomi Alimi, PharmD, Muneed Mohideen- Sub-Intern Presentations

May 10, 2019: Marianne Casilla-Lennon, MD- Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in Urology

March 15, 2019: Juan Javier-Desloges, MD; Cayce Nawaf, MD- Resident Case Presentations

March 8, 2019: James B. Yu, MD, MHS- Advances in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy

March 1, 2019: Louise Dembry, MD, FACP, MS, MBA; Mark B. Russi, MD, MPH- Bloodborne Pathogens Annual Review

February 15, 2019: J. Todd Purves, MD, PhD- The Role of Inflammasomes in Benign Urologic Pathology

February 8, 2019: Daniel Petrylak, MD- Advances in the Treatment of Metastatic Bladder Cancer

February 1, 2019: Richard Ho, MD- Post Mortem Sperm Retrieval: Technical, Ethical, and Legal Issues 

January 18, 2019: Jay Simhan, MD, FACS- The Opioid Epidemic: How We Got Here and What We Can Do as Urologists 

January 11, 2019: Preston Sprenkle, MD- Evolving Role of MRI and Genomics in Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

January 4, 2019: Jeannie Su, MD- To Dust or Not to Dust: Dusting vs. Basketing