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Jeffrey Carbonella, MD

Hospital Resident

Hometown: Cheshire, Connecticut

Undergrad: University of Connecticut

Hobbies: Culinary arts, hiking, running/cycling, traveling to new places (mainly for food)

Specialty Interests/Career Plan: I have a very open mind when thinking about urologic subspecialties, however, currently I am interested in pediatric and reconstructive urology.

Why Yale? Yale Urology covers the full breadth of urology offering residents experience in all sub-specialties of urology. Over the years, Yale Urology has consistently matched residents into various fellowships and private practice jobs throughout the country giving me confidence that I can truly pursue any route that interests me. In addition, mentorship and research opportunities are available in abundance. The emphasis placed on work-life balance by faculty and the residency overall is yet another reason why I chose to join the Yale Urology family.

Why New Haven? Growing up just 20 minutes north of New Haven, I have always loved the many apizza options. However, as I explore New Haven more during residency I am realizing how much more the city has to offer. The food scene is ever-growing, the music and theater offerings are numerous, and the local hikes and outdoor activities are endless.

What would you be doing if not urology? Chef-owner of a farm to table restaurant

Random fact: I was the personal chef for the Bush family.