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Christopher Hayden, MD

Hospital Resident

Hometown: Owensboro, Kentucky

Undergrad: University of Kentucky (Go Cats!)

Hobbies: golf, hiking, traveling with my wife, playing cards, financial literacy

Specialty Interests/Career Plan: Complex stone disease and BPH management

Why Yale? Yale Urology has a unique blend of excellent clinical volume, multiple training sites, a wide array of opportunities for clinical research, and a supportive training environment. I am most proud of our resident culture. We support and look out for each other. The attendings here are also very approachable. As someone who had never lived outside of their home state (Kentucky), I quickly felt at home here at Yale and am very thankful for the opportunity to train here.

Why New Haven? New Haven is an awesome place to live during residency training. First, the city is affordable. The restaurant scene is great for a city of its size. From Yale museums to events put on by the city of New Haven, there is always something to do. Additionally, the city is very close to Boston and NYC. Whether you take the train or drive by car, it is easy to make a weekend trip to multiple locations on the Northeastern seaboard.

What would you be doing if not urology? Consulting

Random fact: I am learning to play the banjo.