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Benjamin Press, MD

Hospital Resident

Follow me on Twitter: @BHPressMD

Hometown: Randolph, NJ

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University

Hobbies: Basketball, Running, Golf

Post-Residency Plan: Pediatric Urology Fellowship at Emory

Why Yale? I felt Yale was a place where I would be really well-supported in my training. From the clinical perspective, we have fellowship-trained faculty across all urologic subspecialties. Our faculty have trained at a wide variety of institutions. You not only have more diverse surgical training, but it is also great for networking for both fellowship and private practice career opportunities. From the resident perspective, you can tell the resident group was (and still is) very close knit. We all work really well together and support one another.

Why New Haven? New Haven is a really nice place to live. We have great restaurants (New Haven pizza!), cool bars, theaters, state parks, and beaches. It offers everything that a major city does, but at a much more affordable price.

Random fact: Ran 4 years of cross country and track and field at Johns Hopkins.