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Ankur Choksi, MD

Hospital Resident

Follow me on Twitter: @ankurologie

Hometown: Edison, NJ

Undergrad: Rutgers University

Hobbies: cricket, foreign cinema, upper body exercises

Specialty Interests/Career Plan: Minimally Invasive Surgery/Endourology; Invent medical devices for urology patients

Why Yale? Yale is a remarkable urology residency program in the northeast that provides excellent training in all of the subspecialties of urology. The program is designed to make you become the best possible urologist you can be. The residents in the residency program are down-to-earth, fun-loving, and a motivated group of individuals. This allows us to get residency work done in a relatively stress-free and enjoyable environment.

Why New Haven? New Haven is a blend of an urban city along with a residential town, allowing you to feel comfortable without becoming overwhelmed. It brings the convenience of a city along with the calmness and familiarity of a town. From all the places I have lived, New Haven has the best food scene I have experienced. Cost of living is very affordable. The culture and history of the undergraduate campus adds an extra flair to the place. If you drive 10 minutes in one direction, you’ll reach amazing hikes, while driving 10 minutes in the opposite direction will bring coastal beaches.

Random fact: I like to dance Bollywood.