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Amir Khan, MD

Hospital Resident

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Undergrad: Dartmouth College

Hobbies: Languages, brazilian jiu jitsu/MMA, cats, cooking shows, hip hop, horror movies

Post-Residency Plan: Endourology/MIS Fellowship at Vanderbilt

Why Yale? I did a sub-internship at Yale, loved it, and most importantly, still love it. Honestly, most urology programs are great. It can be hard to make a decision, so it’s the little differences that distinguish programs. I think our unique component would be balance. It’s something that describes our program well. We have excellent volume, every subspecialty covered, the perfect mix of autonomy with the right amount of guidance and teaching, all in a way that makes you work hard and feel fulfilled as a future surgeon yet still be able to enjoy a personal life and have fun. I’m really proud of our program and blessed to train as a resident here.

Why New Haven? New Haven is legit awesome. It is an urban city with a small town feel, it is charming but also gritty - it is diverse, it is real. It is perfectly situated where you have so many great places nearby-New York City, Boston, yet it is not one of those places where the only appeal is the nearby cities you can go to. There’s a ton to do here, especially over 5 years. And while every single place says they have great food, I stand by the fact that New Haven really does have incredible food—some of the best I’ve ever had and a big surprise for me for a city of its size. Another key is all the hospitals being within 5-10 minute drive and almost everything you’d need being within a 15 minute drive, this is an underrated component for a busy surgical resident. All in all, New Haven is really a special place to live.

Random fact: I own Popeye’s stock.