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Yale Urology Nurse Receives "Nightingale" Award

May 28, 2024
by Saul Asiel Flores

Words like “compassionate” and “capable” are often used to describe Lawrence + Memorial [L+M] Hospital nurse Nicole Ashton, RN. And from one of her closest co-workers, add the phrase, “solid as a rock.”

That’s how Michelle Carrara, RN, sees Ashton and why she says she nominated her for the 2024 Nightingale Award, a recognition presented to nurses who have demonstrated excellence in nursing care, professionalism, innovative/clinical practice, a collaborative nursing environment, and improved community health.

Ashton was announced as one of the recipients in a special award ceremony in early May.

“I was shocked,” Ashton says. “It feels amazing to be honored for my work.”

Colleagues say that from the start, Ashton has been integral to the L+M urology clinic.

“She’s been in the urology office since its inception,” Carrara says. “We have grown from four exam rooms to seven, and with all the added patients, Ashton has accepted the challenge and thrived.”

Having her husband and daughter take part in the recognition made the moment even more special for Ashton.

“My family is the driving force behind my dedication to nursing,” she says. “Nursing has been my greatest honor and passion.”

Diana Glassman, RN, Yale Urology clinical program director, says Ashton has provided a solid foundation for the urology outpatient practice at L+M due to her extensive knowledge of all urologic specialties. Ashton says that has been through concerted effort.

“Looking back at the past 14 years, I have become the nurse I always dreamed of being.” And she acknowledges it is many thanks to the team around her.

“I am so lucky to work with such a fantastic crew,” says Ashton. “The doctors, nurses, urology assistants, and registrars truly make me thrive in this field.”

Submitted by Cheri Lewis on May 29, 2024