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Program Leadership

Training Program Executive Leadership

Executive Training Committee

The Executive Training Committee (ETC) of the Yale Doctoral Internship serves as the governing body for the training program and is chaired by Amber W. Childs, Director of Training. The ETC is comprised of the Training Program Executive Leadership, including the Director of Training (Dr. Childs), the Chief of the Psychology Section (Dr. Sinha), the Chiefs of PSychology at the Connecticut Mental Health Center (Dr. Tebes) and Yale New Haven Hospital (Dr. Fehon). The Director of Research and Evidence-Based Training (Dr. Brian Kiluk) is also an at-large member of the committee. Finally, the committee includes internship training faculty who serve renewable two-year terms to ensure diversity of perspective within the ETC group.

The ETC meets monthly and addresses issues of administrative governance for the program, including revising all program policies and relevant initiatives, and monitors program quality improvement.

Current ETC Training Faculty