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Current Fellows & Alumni

The internship program draws exceptionally qualified students from around the nation and abroad. Below is a list of current fellows by placement and graduate program.

Graduates of the internship are very competitive for post-internship opportunities, which include postdoctoral fellowships, clinical positions, and faculty positions. Listed below under other tabs are recent alumni identified by year, placement, graduate school, and post-internship position.

Current Fellows 2020-21



Graduate Program

CMHC: Consultation, Prevention & Program Evaluation Services/TCC
Nickholas GrantUniversity of Illinois Urbana
Samuel Josep;h NaymanRutgers University
CMHC: Substance Abuse Services/Substance Abuse Treatment Unit
Bryan BenitezUniversity of South Florida
Maria Christina CrouchUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks
CMHC: Hispanic Behavioral Health Services/The Hispanic Clinic
Ruben AtilanoUniversity of Georgia
CMHC: Adult Community Mental Health Services/34 Park St.
Zenobia MorrillUniversity of Massachusetts
Danielle Nicole PrattUniversity of Minnesota
CMHC: Young Adult Service/West Haven Mental Health Clinic
Matthew Aaron HaglerUniversity of Massachusetts, Boston
CMHC Forensic Addiction Services/Forensic Drug Diversion Clinic
Cara StrubleWayne State University
Kathryn Anne ThomasUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
CMHC: Adult Inpatient Services/Acute Inpatient Unit
Jasmine Kaur KalekaGeorge Washington University
Yale New Haven Hospital Adult DBT Service
Vinushini ArunagariHofstra University
Hedy KoberFielding Graduate University
Jennifer LoyaGeorge Mason University
Yale New Haven Hospital: Behavioral Medicine Service
Mairead McConnellUniversity of Arizona
Chloe TaubUniversity of Miami
Yale New Haven Hospital Adolescent Service
Caroline KaufmanUniversity of Memphis