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About Us

The Yale Depression Research Program is comprised of a basic science laboratory, which attempts to examine the processes that lead to depression, focusing on understanding how stress contributes to changes in brain function; a clinical laboratory, which employs medical imaging techniques and pharmacological challenge paradigms to identify functional abnormalities in individuals suffering from mood disorders; and a research clinic, which examines the efficacy and safety of novel, experimental antidepressant treatments in human subjects.

The mission of the Yale Depression Research Program is to develop, advance, and disseminate transformative diagnostic and treatment approaches to improve the lives of individuals suffering from mood disorders. To that end, we seek to engage in clinical research that could meaningfully improve clinical care. We aim to provide outstanding educational opportunities, fostering the development of future leaders in the study and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, as well as for practicing clinicians wishing to expand their expertise in emerging evidence-based treatment approaches. Most importantly, we strive to achieve these goals while providing the highest quality of care and respect for the patients/subjects aiding us in this discovery process.

Yale Depression Research Program Faculty & Staff

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