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Core Facilities

  • Microscopy & Imaging Core
    The core light and electron microscopy facilities of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology include a cryomicrotome, an ultramicrotome, a Zeiss electron microscope, a Zeiss Axiophot epifluorescent photomicroscope and a Zeiss laser scanning confocal microscope. An extremely well trained technical staff, including Sue Ann Mentone and Tom Ardito, provide support for users of this facility.

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  • Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Core
    The molecular biology/biochemistry core facility includes shared instrumentation for all of the common techniques in molecular biology, including: ultracentrifuges, intermediate speed centrifuges, scintillation counters, a gamma counter, shaking and stationary environmental incubators for bacterial and yeast culture, a spectrophotometer, a PCR machine, an oocyte injection set-up and pipette pullers and polishers.
  • Tissue Culture Core
    The department maintains an excellent tissue culture core facility, which includes 5 laminar flow hoods, 12 CO2 incubators, a liquid N2 super-freezer, an inverted microscope and refrigerators and -20 freezers.