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Monika P. Jadi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and of Neuroscience

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Monika P. Jadi, PhD

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Monika Jadi obtained her Ph.D. in Neuroengineering at the University of Southern California and did her postdoctoral training at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory. At Yale, she is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

Dr. Jadi’s research involves discovering computational principles that are critical for flexible information processing in the brain, using cross-disciplinary approaches from applied physics and computer science. Her doctoral research resulted in the first characterization of computational flexibility mediated by location-specificity of synaptic inhibition in active dendrites of neurons, a ubiquitous anatomical signature in cortical circuits. She has studied models of cortical networks during her postdoctoral work, and proposed a novel mechanism of cortical oscillations that is controlled by the direct and indirect stimulation of inhibitory neurons. Subsequently, she has explored mechanisms of flexible modulation of cortical dynamics that are mediated by different inhibitory neuronal classes in the cortex. Complementing her computational modelling work, she has used novel data analysis methods to explore the temporal dynamics of population coding in the visual cortex. The current focus of her lab is using computational modeling as well as data modeling tools such as machine learning to study computations, information flow, temporal dynamics of population codes and role of neuromodulation in canonical columnar circuits of the cortex. Dr. Jadi is a recipient of the NIH Pathway to Independence award during her postdoctoral and early faculty years.

The Jadi Lab

Education & Training

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies (2017)
  • PhD
    University of Southern California, Biomedical Engineering (2010)

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
Pathway to Independence (K99/R00)National Eye Institute2015

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