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Areas of Research Supported In Part By Discovery To Cure

The research supported by Discovery To Cure has focused in the past 10 years in three main areas: early detection, development of new therapeutic approaches, and understanding the biology of cancer stem cells as the source of metastasis and chemoresistance. Significant advances have been done in these three areas as shown by the list of publications. We continue focusing in these areas while at the same time expanding our interests into the development of new methods for drug delivery and immunotherapy. A major breakthrough in the research was the establishment of CanTx, a Yale-start up company focused on developing drugs for targeting the cancer stem cells. The financial support for these studies is now provided by external sources.

Summarized below are the major findings in the three areas:

Research Areas

Discovery To Cure Funded Projects

The Scientific Review was completed by volunteer scientists recommended by the Yale Cancer Center. With the scientific merits of Yale, the scores and evaluations that were recommended and following the advice of the Scientific Review team, the selected projects have been chosen. The Discovery To Cure funded projects will create reports on their work and use of the Discovery to Cure funds. The effective grant start date is February 1, 2016.

The following are the selected projects:

  • Clare Flannery, M.D.
    • Project Title: The Clinical Question of Why Some Women With Obesity Develop Endometrial Hyperplasia and Adenocarcinoma, While Other Women Are Protected Despite Also Having Obesity
  • Z. Ping Lin, Ph.D.
    • Project Title: p38 MAPKs as Mediator of BRCA Mutation-induced EMT and Target for Ovarian Cancer Therapy
  • Roslyn Tedja, Ph.D.
    • Project Title: Determine The Efficacy of Trans-Immunization Regimen In Preventing Recurrence In An Ovarian Cancer Animal Mode.
  • Yang Yang-Hartwich, Ph.D.
    • Project Title: Chromatin Remodeling In Ovarian Cancer

Non-Research Programs Supported in Part by Discovery To Cure

In addition to the active basic and preclinical research, the DTC supported in part some of the educational and patient- oriented activities of the program which includes:

International Clinical and Research Fellowship »
The Discovery To Cure Clinical and Translational Research Fellowship was established for the purpose of expanding the interest and ability of physicians from Asia, the Middle East, South America and Europe to conduct clinical trials and translational research. Physicians selected for the program are trained in the design and conduct of clinical and translational research in a 12-month (minimum 10-month) program at the Yale School of Medicine.

Discovery To Cure Internship Program »
The Discovery To Cure Summer Internship Program was created in 2003 to expose high achieving high school students from the United States and abroad to Yale laboratories and encourage them to pursue future career opportunities in biomedical research.

Survivor Sessions »
In this forum, patients with ovarian cancer share their personal experience of diagnosis and treatment with medical students. The students are able to ask questions and interact with these women about what types of patient-doctor interactions were helpful and which ones were not. Students treasure this rare opportunity to hear firsthand about these women’s experiences.

Lecture Series »
Renowned physicians, scientists and invited guest speakers present lectures on current research, treatment and timely topics throughout the year.