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Program Schedule

Due to Covid 19 we will not be hosting the internship in person this summer. Please find a tentative schedule starting January 2022.

Tentative 2022 Internship Schedule

The Discovery to Cure Program will ONLY be accepting applications from local Connecticut High Schools.

Application materials, which include a brief questionnaire, an essay question, and a Confidential Teacher Evaluation, will be online.

Notification of Acceptance

Applications are due by March 1, 2022. Applications will be reviewed and scored by a committee of medical and research faculty and staff. Teachers of accepted students will be notified by email. An email of acceptance to students who have been selected to participate will follow. Students that have not been successful in their applications will NOT be notified.

Lab Safety & HIPAA Training

Prior to entering their labs, all interns are required to complete Lab Safety & HIPAA training as mandated by the Yale Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Attendance at Lab Safety training is mandatory and is a requirement for entering and working in labs. The date for the training is June 22, 2022, and is a full day commitment.

Lab Access/Program Commences June 22, 2022

Discovery to Cure High School high school interns will receive personal netIDs and Yale photo IDs, allowing them access to the Yale Medical Library and other specific buildings at the medical school, free passage on Yale shuttle buses, and access to the Yale website.

Weekly Lunch Meetings in July and August

Throughout the Internship, interns meet informally during lunch every Wednesday to hear lectures from Yale physicians, scientists and other guests, including past interns, who share their experiences and current research. Presentations are followed with a question and answer discussion period. Interns must attend a minimum of five weekly meetings.

Research Presentation Days/Closing Ceremony: August 14, 2022

All interns are required to give a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation of their research to an audience of peers, mentors, faculty, family, and friends. During the closing ceremony (following the presentations) interns are presented with a Certificate of Accomplishment. The 2022 research presentation day is August 14, 2022.