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Lecture Series

Renowned physicians, scientists and invited guest speakers present lectures on current research, treatment and timely topics throughout the year.

Ellen Read Leeds Sturges Memorial Lectureship

Presenter: Peter E. Schwartz, MD
"Progress and Controversies in Ovarian Cancer Treatment"
October 15, 2014

Presenter: Gil Mor, MD, PhD
"The Origin of Ovarian Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells as the Source of Chemoresistance and Recurrence"
October 14, 2015

Presenter: Elise C. Kohn, MD
"Gynecological Cancers in the 21st Century"
September 14, 2016

Presenter: Elise C. Kohn, MD 
"Precision Medicine for Rare and Common Ovarian Cancers" 
September 13, 2017

Peter Schwartz ml movie

Peter Schwartz ml movie

Progress and Controversies in Ovarian Cancer Treatment