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The research agenda within Discovery to Cure focuses on translational scientific investigation, which forms a bridge between the laboratory and the clinic and continually delivers the most up-to-date treatment options available to patients.

In collaboration with the Yale Gynecologic Oncology Group, the Discovery to Cure Program identifies novel treatments for ovarian cancer, which includes the development of early detection screening tests that enable physicians to detect ovarian cancer in its early stages when it is highly curable, and developing disease markers that can predict the response to chemotherapy and therefore help determine the best method of treatment of women diagnosed with the disease.

Programs of Research:

Our Doctors speak on Ovarian Cancer

Listen to Dr. Schwartz speak on ovarian cancer on WTIC-AM's Healthline with Yale Cancer Center.

Supported Publications

The Precision Paradigm: Elena Ratner, MD

Elena Ratner, MD discusses Discovery To Cure