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News & Updates

  • The COVID Mind Study at Yale, our multidisciplinary, clinical study of long-term consequences of COVID-19, is open and enrolling, and we welcome referrals.
  • Along with Dr. Josh Cyktor at the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues at Yale and Johns Hopkins, our lab has been awarded a new R01 from NIH/NIMH, "CNS Viral Persistence and Neuropsychiatric Perturbations in HIV: Single cell and Molecular Interrogation."
  • Yale medical student Julian Weiss, a key member of our lab, has been awarded a Grant for Emerging Researchers/Clinicians Mentorship (GERM) from the Infectious Disease Society of America/HIV Medicine Association - his second GERM award for work with our lab.
  • The first articles in a special, open-access issue of Neuroscience Letters that focus on neurologic considerations of COVID-19, co-guest edited by Serena Spudich and Shelli Farhadian, have been published covering neuropathology, neuropsychiatric complications, neuro-opthalmology, neuroimaging, and an overview perspective. Watch for additional articles on neuromuscular, neurovascular, pediatric, and other neurologic consideration.
  • Welcome to Eunice Baik and Sharon Shin, our stellar, new lab Postgraduate Assistants.
  • Neurologist Dr. Lindsay McAlpine, MD, has joined the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow to train in neurological infections and neuroimmunology.
  • With colleagues in Psychiatry and the Yale PET Center, our lab was awarded a new R01 from the NIH/NIMH and NINDS to use PET imaging to reveal mechanisms of synaptodendritic injury in HIV.
  • Our experience running a dedicated neurology consult service for COVID-19 patients was published in Lancet Neurology.
  • Along with Drs. Yuval Kluger, PhD, and Mark Gerstein, PhD, our lab was awarded a UM1 grant from NIH/NIDA Y-SCORCH program at Yale to study HIV and opioid use in the brain.
  • Ms. Siobhan Slack has joined the lab to serve as Program Manager for the International NeuroHIV Cure Consortium and the Y-SCORCH project.
  • An extensive review on the neurologic manifestations of COVID-19, co-authored by Dr. Farhadian and Dr. Spudich, was published in JAMA Neurology.
  • An open-access supplement issue of AIDS focused on CNS HIV reservoirs co-edited by Dr. Spudich was published. See