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  • Study Identifies Bereaved Parents’ Medical Priorities for Children With Advanced Cancer

    For families facing the end-of-life of a loved one with pediatric cancer, robust quality measures to benchmark what parents value most in their child’s medical care do not currently exist. A new study from Yale Cancer Center helps identify what parents prioritize for their children with advanced cancer, including alleviating the child’s symptoms and honoring the family’s goals and wishes. Researchers say the findings may help establish a patient-centered agenda for quality measurement and improvement in children with advanced, incurable cancer. The study titled, "Parent Priorities in End-of-Life Care for Children with Cancer,” was published in JAMA Network Open on May 15.

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  • Real Talk MS Podcast, Episode 297: From the Pathways to Cures Global Summit (Part 1)

    This week, the National MS Society hosted the Pathways To Cures Global Summit, bringing together the best and brightest minds in MS research, the CEOs of major MS Societies, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, and people affected by MS to update the scientific foundation of the Pathways To Cures research roadmap and set the global MS research agenda for the next 3-5 years. Dr. Naila Makhani discusses detecting MS early at the 33:54 timestamp.

    Source: Real Talk MS
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  • Risk for MS in Children Often Missed

    Imaging tests may miss early signs of multiple sclerosis (MS) in children who have no symptoms of the disease, according to a recent study that points to the need for a change in diagnostic criteria for the neuromuscular condition.

    Source: Medscape
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  • Q&A: MS Prodrome?

    Dr. Naila Makhani and Dr. Helen Tremlett discuss emerging evidence about a possible prodromal phase of MS and differentiating it from MS risk factors.

    Source: MedPage Today
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  • Imaging Offers Potential Way To Predict MS

    Naila Makhani, MD, MPH, and her colleagues are using a five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health to launch a prospective study of children will identify those with a higher risk of developing MS and the biomarkers that can aid in early diagnosis.

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  • MS risk in children spotted with MRI brain scans

    By the time multiple sclerosis (MS) is diagnosed in children, it may be difficult to prevent the disabilities and relapses that come with the disease. In a new Yale School of Medicine study, researchers examined MRI brain scans to identify children at high risk of developing MS before symptoms appear, which may lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

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