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Research Overview

The research efforts of the Computational Neurophysiology Laboratory (CNL) at Yale University broadly involve functional neurosurgery, critical care and cognitive neuroscience. A major focus of our research is medically intractable epilepsy. In our work on medically intractable epilepsy we seek to:

  1. understand how seizures are generated,
  2. improve our methodology for sensing, analyzing and controlling aberrant brain activity,
  3. employ our knowledge of seizure generation and the sensing, analysis and intervention methods we have developed, in patients with partial epilepsy, to:
    1. accurately locate the seizure onset area, and
    2. detect and predict the onset of seizures and intervene to terminate or abort seizures once they have been detected or predicted.

Our work is both interdisciplinary and translational. Projects in these various areas are being conducted by investigators, in CNL or at collaboration sites in academia and industry, with specialization in multiple disciplines including neurology, neurosurgery, neurobiology, neuroscience, laboratory medicine, pathology, physiology, bioengineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, material science, and mathematics.