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Proteomes Journal Special Issue "Neuroproteomics"

Published Papers
Bertholomey, M.L., Stone, K.L., Lam, T.T., Bang, S., Wu, W., Nairn, A.C., Taylor, J.R., Torregrossa, M.M.
Phosphoproteomic Analysis of the Amygdala Response to Adolescent Glucocorticoid Exposure Reveals G-protein Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 as a Target for Reducing Motivation for Alcohol
University of Pittsburgh
Carlyle, B., Trombetta, B., Arnold, S.
Proteomic Approaches for the Discovery of Biofluid Biomarkers of Neurodegenerative Dementias
Massachusetts General Hospital
Cijsouw, T., Ramsey, A., Lam, T., Carbone, B., Blanpied, T., Biederer, T.
Mapping the Proteome of the Synaptic Cleft Through Proximity Labeling Reveals New Cleft Proteins
Tufts University
Lutz, B., Peng, J.
Deep Profiling of the Aggregated Proteome in Alzheimer's Disease: From Pathology to Disease Mechanisms
St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital
Luxmi, R., Blaby-Haas, C., Kumar, D., Rauniyar, N., King, S., Mains, R., Eipper, B.
Proteases Shape the Chlamydomonas Secretome: Comparison to Classical Neuropeptide Processing Machinery
U. Connecticut Health Center
Mervosh, N., Wilson, R., Rauniyar, N., Hofford, R., Kutlu, M., Calipari, E., Lam, T. T., Kiraly, D.
Granulocyte-colony Stimulating Factor Alters the Proteomic Landscape of the Ventral Tegmental Area
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Miller, M., Wilson, R., Lam, T., Nairn, A., Picciotto, M.
Evaluation of the Phosphoproteome of Mouse Alpha 4/Beta 2-Containing Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors In Vitro and In Vivo
Yale University
8 Natividad, L., Buczynski, M., McClatch, D., Yates, J. From Synapse to Function: A Perspective on the Role of Neuroproteomics in Elucidating Mechanisms of Drug Addiction Scripps Research Institute
Park, J.
Phosphorylation of the AMPAR-TARP Complex in Synaptic Plasticity
Wayne State University
Pena, D., Duarte, M., Pramio, D., Devi, L., Schechtman, D.
Exploring Morphine-Triggered PKC-targets and Their Interaction with Signaling Pathways Leading to Pain via TrkA
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Roy, M., Sorokina, O., McLean, C., Tapia-González, S., DeFelipe, J., Armstrong, J., Grant, S.
Regional Diversity in the Postsynaptic Proteome of the Mouse Brain
Edinburgh University
12 Sowers, M., DiRe, J., Wadsworth, P., Shavkunov, A., Lichti, C., Zhang, K., Laezza, F.
Sex-specific Proteomics Changes Induced by Genetic Deletion of the Fibroblast Growth Factor 14 (FGF14), a Regulator of Neuronal Ion Channels University of Texas Medical Branch
Wang, Y., Savas, J.
Uncovering Discrete Synaptic Proteomes to Understand Neurological Disorders
Northwestern University
14 Watkins, D., True, J., Mosley, A., Baucum, A. Proteomic Analysis of the Spinophilin Interactome in Rodent Striatum Following Psychostimulant Sensitization Indiana University
Williams, K.R., Nairn, A.C.
Editorial for Special Issue: Neuroproteomics
Yale University
16 Wilson, R.S., Nairn, A.C.
Cell-type-specific Proteomics: A Neuroscience Perspective Yale University
17 Wilson, R., Rauniyar, N., Sakaue, F., Lam, T., Williams, K., Nairn, A.,
Development of Targeted Mass Spectrometry-Based Approaches for Quantitation of Proteins Enriched in the Postsynaptic Density (PSD)
Yale University