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PhenomeX IsoSpark System


The IsoSpark system measures the true function of each cell and identify the rare subsets of highly functional cells driving response.

  • Single-cell Secretome – Actively secreted proteins (cytokines and chemokines) at single-cell resolution of live cells for functional phenotyping
  • Single-cell Signaling – Assessment of the phosphoproteome spanning multiple signaling pathways at single-cell resolution.
  • Bulk Proteomics – Automated bulk protein analysis of cell-free, protein-containing biological solutions (e.g., cell supernatant, serum, plasma, CSF, etc.)

Product Suite Panel List | IsoPlexis

Sample Submission

Please contact Guilin Wang for sample submission using PhenomeX IsoSpark System.

Service Fees

Please contact Guilin Wang for service fees using PhenomeX IsoSpark System.