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Mission Bio Single Cell DNA and Protein analysis


The Tapestri Platform

The first and only single-cell technology developed to reveal biomarkers that help stratify patients, signal resistance, and predict relapse. Tapestri’s powerful multi-omics capability — connecting genotype and phenotype — opens the door to a deeper understanding and improved treatment of cancer.

The Complete Tapestri Workflow

Integrate seamlessly into your existing NGS workflow with sample prep and analysis solutions using the Tapestri single-cell sequencing platform

With our single-cell sequencing platform, use the Tapestri Instrument, reagents, and consumables up-front of your NGS system and then Tapestri Pipeline and Tapestri Insights software for data analysis and visualization.

Library Prep with Tapestri

Access high-quality data with a unique two-step microfluidic workflow

Based on a novel two-step microfluidic workflow, the Tapestri Platform can access DNA and protein in single cells to give you true multi-omics. Each reaction in the two-step workflow is discretely optimized: isolation of DNA from the cell and oligo-conjugate antibodies in the first step, followed by targeted multiplex PCR in the second step.

Tapestri Software

Spend less time integrating data and more time gaining insights

Sample Submission

Please contact Guilin Wang for MissionBio service request.

Service Fees

Rates as of 7/1/2023
Services Yale Fee Non-Yale* Fee
MissionBio scDNA Library Prep $2688 $3517
MissionBio scAb Library Prep $2419 $3169

Note: Our price does not include the panel and antibody. Please contact Guilin Wang for more information.