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Supported students and postdocs

Critical advancements in the understanding and finding curative treatments for neurodegenerative diseases lie at the intersection of clinical and basic research. However, I strongly believe that the elevation, participation, and inclusion of minority and diverse voices is an important, yet overlooked aspect of this process, especially when it comes to patient-driven care.

LaShae Nicholson

Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students


Kavli Undergraduate Thesis Prizes


  • Jenna Salameh (Grace Hopper College)
  • Isabelle Top (Jonathan Edwards College)


  • Renee Jessica Tang (Ezra Stiles College)
  • Chika Victory Ogbejesi (Jonathan Edwards College)


  • Eren Kafadar (Davenport College)
  • Justin Chan (Davenport College)


  • Angus Fong (Timothy Dwight College)
  • Geeta Rao (Grace Hopper College)

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