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About the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience

The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience serves as a catalyst to advance neuroscience research across department boundaries at Yale, to support and educate a diverse research community, and to promote exchanges with the international neuroscience community and scientific communication with the public at large.

The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience seeks to foster excellence in research in the broad area of neuroscience by:

  • supporting cutting-edge research with emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations
  • organizing workshops and symposia on emerging topics that bring together local and global scientists
  • sponsoring distinguished lectures on research that enriches the neuroscience community
  • supporting the career development of trainees through fellowships, awards, training workshops and networking events that promote exchange of ideas
  • cultivating a diverse community and supporting trainees from historically underrepresented groups
  • establishing and supporting core facilities that enable access to advanced technologies
  • collaborating with other Kavli Institutes and other institutions to promote innovative research, technology development, and professional training opportunities
  • promoting outreach and scientific communication with the public at large