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Admissions Process

Application for the Investigative Medicine Program is an on-line process made through the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. All policies, procedures, instructions, frequently asked questions, as well as access to the on-line application, can be found on the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website.

To be considered for admission to the class commencing July 1, 2024, the application deadline is January 2, 2024. Applications cannot be submitted after this date.

All completed applications will be reviewed by the Investigative Medicine Admissions Committee and those judged competitive for selection to the program will be invited to interview. The applicant will be notified if further information is needed before a decision about admission can be made.

Selection to the program is based on a number of factors, including commitment to rigorous training in clinical investigation, academic record, test scores and letters of reference. Also considered is the appropriateness of the applicant’s goals to the degree program and commitment to a career in patient-oriented translation investigation.

Admission decisions will be made by the Investigative Medicine Program Admissions Committee and approved by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Official decision notification is made by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Applicants are typically notified of decisions regarding their applications by the end of March.

For applicants whose decision about selecting Yale School of Medicine for residency or fellowship is tied to the Investigative Medicine Program, application to the program may be made concurrently with application for residency of fellowship training in a clinical department at Yale School of Medicine. Special arrangements for a one-year deferred admission will be made with the Graduate School only after an offer of admission has been accepted.

Additional Graduate Admissions Information

All serious candidates are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Dr. Craft, Program Director and/or Dr. Shapiro, Deputy Director, to assess their suitability for the program.

To schedule a meeting with the Program Directors, please contact Mara Hintz, Registrar, Investigative Medicine Program at